Helen Taylor – Founder of Bare Faced Skin

Inspiration and Business Niche

Bare Faced Skin was developed in the UK by Helen Taylor after experiencing allergies, sensitive skin, cold sores and flare ups of eczema. When she started formulating her skincare range she was initially interested in catering for sensitive skin. However, she has since developed that idea to focus more specifically on skincare for the 40+ age bracket, who she sees as the forgotten Gen X “who aren’t that visible in main stream media”.

Helen created her range to adapt to skin that is constantly changing with age, she says “from 40 on-wards there are other issues that come into play” and this can have an effect on skin condition. She carefully chooses the ingredients in her products with that in mind. Ingredients in her products include White Poppy seed oil, Organic Sea Buckthorn CO2 extract, and Hyaluronic acid powder. You can read more about the ingredients she uses (and their benefits) on her website.

Helen says her products are “fuss free” and “for those who don’t want to spend 20 minutes applying multiple products to get the same results available from one or two. Time is everything after all”.

Female Founders in BeautyJourney to Launch

Helen’s journey to launching her business, like many other Female Founders in Beauty, started with a passion for formulating. She formulated skincare products for many years and the original idea for her business started in 2012 (when she first registered her business). However, it wasn’t until five years later that she launched her website, in December 2017.

Brand and Launch Products

Helen positions “Bare Faced Skin” as a brand that is premium as well as “funky and inclusive”. She has chosen to launch her business with a small range of facial moisturisers and a body lotion. Her ambitions are to launch (at a later stage) a serum and cleanser/toner 2-in 1 product.


Business Plans

Over the next 12 months, Helen wants to focus on building a solid foundation for growth in the UK. Expansion into international waters she says “we can work on later”.


Like many new independent beauty brands and start-ups, the biggest challenge for her business is getting noticed as a small start-up.

Advice to other Female Founders in Beauty

We asked Helen what advice she would give to others starting out. She says “don’t think you know everything because there is always something else you may never have thought of” and so you must “speak to people, pick brains”. Running a business is a journey. Helen says she is still finding out things now that she didn’t know when she started and that learning new things has been constant since she started.

Personal growth and development

Continuing to learning and develop remains key for Helen and she does this by continuing to study with Formula Botanica (an online formulation school) so her learning doesn’t stop. She also part of the Female Founders in Beauty network and this provides a growing wealth of connections and wisdom.

You can follow and connect with Helen using the details below:


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