Carolyn Tierce – Founder of Camellia Skincare and Cosmetics

From Civic Leader to Beauty Entrepreneur

Carolyn Tierce is a Female Founder in Beauty,  she is based in the U.S and she founded “Camellia Skincare and Cosmetics” in 2017, with over thirty years of experience in beauty and their chemistries. When she is not busy being a mother and a beauty entrepreneur she spends her time “highly engaged in her community as a civic leader”.

camelliaFor Carolyn, bringing together her passion for beauty and cosmetics, as well as her passion for the community, allowed her to express her “true authenticity”.

She wants to offer the world effective and affordable skincare products and she really wants to continue to contribute to the community through philanthropic events. These two things go hand in hand for this beauty entrepreneur and it is a trend we are seeing rise and rise. Businesses run by leaders that have a higher mission to serve the community. It can only be a good thing and we see Female Founders in Beauty, being at the heart of this movement.

In-House Chemist

Carolyn has created her company through working with an in house chemist. This has helped her, she says to produce “superior, gentle, and affordable cosmetics and skin care”.  She is keen that Camellia Skincare & Cosmetics continues to develop products that operate in accordance with the most recent findings in cosmetic research.

She has a production team that creates formulas that are not only scientifically validated but also non–irritating and gentle. Carolyn notes that “skin is a crucial part of the body’s immune, circulatory, and metabolic systems. It can reflect the state of our health and well-being”.Scrub-370x370

Putting others before yourself

Carolyn sees Camellia’s approach as quite different from most because her business is “geared toward putting others before yourself”. While this may seem contrary to the beauty market, Camellia wants its customers “to put value on others as well as their skin”. It is this independence and vision that comes from Carolyn that helps define the brand and its connection with customers.

Carolyn’s initial target audience has been the older population, however she is increasingly interested in gearing toward the millennials.

Skincare for the busy

 As a mother, she resonates with others who have busy lifestyles.  So she set up Camellia Skincare & Cosmetics knowing that “two or three great products is all that most have time to apply before heading out for the day”.


Carolyn recently partnered with Coastal Fashion week, which was a multi-state fashion show, where models displayed their cosmetics on the runway. Coastal Fashion Weeks’ founder Kymberly Soule, shares similar philosophies as Carolyn. One of these similarities is that they both want their industries, fashion and beauty to contribute to philanthropic projects that benefit women entrepreneurship.

Beauty Industry Network

Carolyn says “the beauty industry is a great community of entrepreneurs who mentor each other” including groups like Female Founder in Beauty. “I do not consider Camellia as a competitor so to speak, only an asset to an already existing fantastic community of supporters”.

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