Rachel Whittaker – Founder of Indie Beauty Delivers

Rachel Whittaker is the Founder of  “Indie Beauty Delivers”, she advises brands and founders all over the world on Beauty Logistics Strategy. She is lives in Nottingham in the United Kingdom and started her business in 2015.Logo JPEG

Rachel is the go to, when indie beauty brands want to put in place logistics strategies that will help them to grow. She is approachable and friendly and understands the needs of indie beauty brands, with big ambitions. 

Logistics Whizz

Prior to setting up Indie Beauty Delivers, Rachel worked in beauty for over 15 years and she managed the international logistics for brands like St Tropez, Charles Worthington and The Sanctuary. There are few people who understand the logistics of indie beauty better than Rachel Whittaker.

Now is the Time

For Rachel she sees huge growth opportunity ahead. She says “now is totally the age of the indie beauty brand”, which many Female Founders in Beauty have been waiting for, The Golden Age of Indie Beauty.

It is hard not to get caught up in Rachel’s enthusiasm for Indie Beauty, she says “If you have an idea then go for it. Find that bit of space in the market that has your name on it, identify your ideal customer and then build yourself a community and tribe. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Do it your way, be different, be bold and brave. Indie beauty rocks and so do you!”

Energy and Passion

During her career Rachel had the chance to work with a number of start-ups and early stage brands and she says she “loved their energy and passion”. As a result she became “massively interested in indie beauty” and saw there was a real opportunity for her to share her expertise and help indies develop behind the scenes processes and systems that allow them to compete on a level playing field with the big guys and so Indie Beauty Delivers was born.

Mission to Empower Beautypreneurs

Indie Beauty Delivers is a growing community and a place where indie beauty entrepreneurs can hang out, relax, network, learn and share ideas. Rachel’s  mission is to “empower as many beautypreneurs as possible to create pioneering, disruptive and iconic beauty brands by providing them with access to the resources and support they need to thrive”.

Warehouse Match

Rachel describes her  signature product as being her Warehouse Match Service, where she helps brands choose the right warehouse for their brand in the UK. For UK brands this service is free of charge. For international brands looking to set up a logistics base here in the UK there is a teeny tiny fee.


Rachel also offer a range of VIP Days. These are one to one workshops that focus in on helping brands develop a particular area of their business. Her two most popular are, ‘Growing your online brand’ and ‘Getting Retail Ready’.

Rachel WhittakerRachel also offers an Indie Beauty Rockstar Program, which is is a year-long group mentoring course. It’s full at the moment but she be launching again in November 2018, so watch this space.

Knowledge, Motivation and Inspiration

She says “everything I do is aimed at providing beautypreneurs with the knowledge, motivation and inspiration to be able to compete with the larger brands. My customers are customers are passionate, crazy and brave solopreneurs or small teams. They frequently manage all aspects of their business as well as being the CEO of their own household. They have a burning desire to help and make a difference to their own customers”.

Time Challenges

Time (like for many Female Founders in Beauty) is Rachel’s greatest challenge. Everything Indie Beauty Delivers does is done by her, she doesn’t employ anyone (yet!). She is constantly coming up with new ideas and finds “trying to find the time to complete them is tough. Not complaining though. I totally love what I do and can’t wait to get up and get going in the morning”.

Find and build yourself a team

Her advice to any Female Entrepreneur is “build yourself a team of girl bosses that you can turn to for advice. Meet regularly face to face or online and share. I learnt very quickly that being a solopreneur is lonely. I didn’t have any business friends and so I went to events and training courses and met people. I now have a local mastermind group of 3 amazingly supportive biz buddies. One is a fitness instructor, one a social media and press guru and the other a hypnotherapist. We all do different things but face the same challenges. We meet every month and bounce ideas of each other, have a moan, a laugh and a cry. I always leave each get together inspired and motivated and I never feel alone anymore”.

Invest in training and development

Rachel keeps her skills up to date by investing in her own training and learning every year. “I try and attend at least one conference or course every quarter.  It’s so important for my development and business growth that I stay on top of all the latest trends and developments. My aim is to be the ‘go to’ mentor for indie beauty founders and so I go out of my way to ensure I am completely up to date and sharing the best advice possible with brands”.

Follow Indie Beauty Delivers here:


Instagram: @indiebeautydelivers

Facebook : @IndieBeautyDelivers

Facebook Group: We Are Indie Beauty


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