Steph Kelby – Founder of Pure Savvy

Steph Kelby, based in Lincolnshire in the UK is the Founder of Pure Savvy.

Like many Female Founders in Beauty, Steph had the idea for her business many years ago, however it is only in the last year or so that Steph has focussed on developing the business more fully. She is aiming to launch her brand in Spring  2018.

Pure Savvy_On the Ball co uk addressSkincare for the time poor

Steph says she created Pure Savvy “for women like me, who want great skin but who just don’t have the time for a complicated skincare routine”. Modern life is busy and people seek convenience in all aspects of their lives and skincare is no different.


Steph’s branding for Pure Savvy is bold and innovative with a striking orange accent colour. The branding resonates with Steph’s vision for her business, which she says “was created with a rebellious spirit and the drive to create high-performance skincare that delivers results in an instant”.

Simple, Efficient and High Performance

Pure Savvy will offer 6 facial skincare products all formulated with simplicity, efficiency and performance as the central components.  The key problem that Pure Savvy is trying to solve is the quest for time. We are becoming increasingly busier and busier and so Pure Savvy is “aimed at those women who want to spend less time in the bathroom and more time living their life!” Steph says “we help women bring sanity to their skincare” a mission that will resonate with many.

 Online and Bricks and Mortar

Steph’s ambition is to launch and get stocked in three online retailers and at least one department store.598d76fc90707d00013aee33_pure-savvy-card

Packaging challenges

Steph’s number one challenge has been packaging. As a beauty brand this is a challenge that faces many starting out, especially when trying to find containers that fit the product branding as well as being available in minimum quantities that are manageable.  Steph says “it’s been a long process and I’m still not there yet. I had clear requirements for my packaging and it’s been a nightmare to try and get it how I want it”.

Advice to other Female Founders in Beauty

Steph says “find others in the same boat as you and ask them for advice, share your good and bad moments, no-one understands what you are going through like others going through the same experience”.

 Build a virtual community and read

Running an independent beauty business can be lonely and one of the best pieces of advice that Steph gives about her own development is that she says “I constantly interact with other leaders in online forums, I attend as much networking and training as I can and above all I read, read and then read more inspiring books. I’m currently reading ‘Crushing it’ by Gary Vaynerchuk which is fantastic”.

Get in Touch

If any of you would like to hear more Steph is happy to share experiences, so get in touch and connect with her below.

FB @puresavvy

IG @puresavvy

Twitter @puresavvyskin

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