Coyran Cheung – Founder of OSCO, Natural & Organics

Coyran Cheung is the Female Founder behind ‘OSCO – Natural & Organics’. She started for company in December 2017 and her plan is to launch her brand in the Summer of 2018. Her business is currently located in Hong Kong.

OSCO_Pollution Defense Serum_MockupTrust in the Power of Green Beauty

Coyran was inspired to start her company after facing breakouts and periods of distressed skin. She was conscious that the likely cause of her difficult skin was a blend of “hormonal problems and the use of synthetic skincare products”.

A Life Changing Gift

For years Coyran says she was “depressed with low self-esteem and I did not want to face anyone”.  However through the use of natural skincare products she changed her skin and her lifestyle. She says her “skin improved although it did take time. More surprisingly, my hormonal balance had improved too”.

From this time on, she says she “really put trust in the power of natural and green beauty. I treasure this great gift from nature so much because it gave me back my life”.

Passion and Empathy

Coyran like many other female founders is very passionate about natural and green beauty as well as formulating effective skincare products to help people solve their problems. It is this desire to solve genuine skin problems with consideration and empathy, which makes founder led businesses so attractive to customers; they feel like founder led brands understand the problems they face.  PDS(wheat)


One of the key areas that Coyran is focussing on is pollution.  She says “pollution has become more severe nowadays. People are aware of the dangers of pollution but they don’t realise how easy it is to protect their skin and to fight against environmental damage”.

She is eager to help people become confident, protected and healthy in a polluted environment and bring them back to nature.

With pollution on everyone’s radar, we expect to see anti-pollution skincare ranges to drive category growth. In the UK alone, sales of anti-pollution prestige skincare products amounted to £3.1 million in the second half of 2017 so Coyran’s business has an exciting focus.

Simple, pure, and clean

Coyran’s says that “OSCO exists to raise your health consciousness, solve your skin concerns and bring you back to nature by delivering natural, organic and healthy lifestyle and products with professional knowledge”.

Anti-pollution natural skincare

Coyran’s hero product is a Pollution Defense Serum, which she will launch on the summer of 2018.

The key problem she is wants to help her customers solve is their skin concerns from the impact of pollution. Her target customers are busy working people who live in polluted cities and surrounded with different synthetic chemicals that are harmful.

Her launch plan is to increase OSCO brand awareness in Hong Kong and overseas over the next 12 months.

Learning Marketing and Business

One of the biggest challenges she faced starting up was that she didn’t have any previous marketing or business experience. Like many other founders, she found that she has had to learn a lot of things from scratch with great effort and time.

Advice to other Female Founders in Beauty

Coyran’s advice to other female founders is “Persistence, persistence and persistence! If you want it, just work for it, it’s that simple! I know we may have hard times, difficulties and challenges, every time you want to give up, remember why you started. Persistence will finally bring you to where you desire!”

Formula Botanicas – International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program Graduate

Coyran is an organic skincare formulator graduated from the International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program at accredited Organic Skincare School – Formula Botanica based in the UK.

She says her learning is constant and that it doesn’t stop. She attends training, courses and networking related to marketing and business as well as skincare formulation with other like-minded people. She says she also reads books and studies different materials to enhance her knowledge and develop her skills.

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