Morgane Rozenberg – Founder of Roze Mountain

Morgane Rozenberg is based in London and Belgium and she is the Female Founder of Roze Mountain.

Launching in February 2018, Roze Mountain is a botanical beauty brand specialising in cruelty free botanical products and candles.

36806941_10155360949588239_5696992510023303168_nBotanicals for a healthy life

Morgane was inspired to start her business when she became interested in the use of botanicals for health, which led her to start her current business.

She spent a lot of time learning and researching about spices and herbs and discovered that a lot of them were used for health. Her primary interest is how herbs, essential oils, vegetable oils and vegetable butters can be used for health and beauty.

Formula Botanica

Morgane backed up her study with a certificate in Organic Skincare Formulation with Formula Botanica.

A family orientated business

She says her company “is a family-oriented business that handcrafts cruelty-free, botanical cosmetic products and soy scented candles for a healthy skin, a healthy heart and a healthy soul”.


In a world where wellness is influencing everything, including what cosmetics products individuals use, there is certainly demand for health and soul conscious brands.

Morgane says she offers handmade cruelty-free and eco-friendly cosmetic products.

Marketing and brand awareness remains a key priority

Like all brands, big, small, new or established, brand awareness is a key aspect she is working on. The major problem she says that she is facing right now is “my marketing strategy and how to get more visibility”.

Morgane’s plan for the next 12 months is to gain more visibility, grow her social media followers and get at least 2 retailers to stock her brand.

Cash flow and creative challenges 

As a small business you often have to wear several hats in your business and as a founder Morgane say juggling the day to day,  like cash flow is a huge challenge as she is also focused on the creative side of her product development. “Marketing and too much money going out the door and chasing money in” is an area she is gaining more skills in.

Avoid people with a negative vibe

Morgane’s advice for other Female Founders in Beauty is “do not be shy about what you do, the more you get heard, the more people you will attract”. She says the sentence “keep quiet, your success will speak louder than words” is true only if you put in the work to get that success, so speak up about what you do (to the right people, not the ones with a negative vibe)”.

As a Female Founder in Beauty business she continues to network, read, experiment, learn and says “never ever think you know enough”!

Passion will carry you through the hard times

She says “you know you are really passionate about what you do when you can’t stop thinking about it, working on it, etc. When you stay up all night reading, learning, experimenting, trying to find solutions without even noticing that it’s almost morning, that’s when you know this is your passion! Plus, you don’t become a billionaire by working from 9am to 5pm!”


If you would to find out more, please contact Morgane on the details below:





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